31 July 2018

MXGP and MX2: Fiat Professional Stars in Belgium


  • The FCA Group brand dedicated to commercial vehicles is Title Sponsor of the "Fiat Professional MXGP of Belgium".
  • The fifteenth round of the championship will be staged in Lommel on August 5.
  • The spotlight will be trained on Tony Cairoli, nine-time world champion and Fiat Professional ambassador.
  • The bond between Fiat Professional and motocross is as solid as ever and has been recently reasserted by the partnership sealed with young rider Jorge Prado, who is contending for the MX2 championship title.
  • Alongside the riders are the product heroes of the official championship fleet: Fullback Cross and Ducato 4x4.


The FIM MXGP Motocross World Championship is landing in Belgium: the fifteenth round of the championship will take place on Sunday 5 on the Lommel circuit for the scene of the "Fiat Professional MXGP of Belgium".
The partnership between Fiat Professional and the FIM MXGP World Championship, now in its third consecutive year, is based on authentic shared values of enthusiasm, determination and constant commitment, all embodied by Tony Cairoli, who is bringing all his usual tenacity and courage to this season's world championships, reflecting all the love of a challenge central to the Fiat Professional mentality. There is more. Today the bond between the brand and motocross is stronger than ever following the new partnership sealed with young Spanish talent Jorge Prado.


Jorge Prado is an individual destined for glory and born to be a pro. The youngster from Lugo has broken all the records of forwardness in motocross year-after-year and right now, at just seventeen years of age, he is already the man to beat in the MX2 World Championship and is competing directly for the title. He perfectly embodies the values ​​of the brand in a way that is unusual for his age and for this reason Fiat Professional chose him as a partner to be by his side in his development on both sporting and personal levels, a career which could bring the world championship title already this year. With six races to go, Jorge Prado is leading the scoreboard in an exciting head-to-head.


Tony Cairoli is also in contention for the MXGP championship title. He is currently thirty points from the top and there are still 300 up for grabs. Alongside the riders are the Fiat Professional brand and the product heroes of the official championship fleet: Fullback Cross and Ducato 4x4. The Fiat Professional pick up is rugged, reliable and has impressive load capacity. It boasts a payload of more than a tonne and over three tonnes of towable weight. Furthermore, by implementing all-wheel drive and a 4WD electronic selector, it can easily tackle the roughest terrain in the toughest conditions, like when travelling off-road carrying a heavy load, with the same agility that Tony Cairoli and Jorge Prado display on all courses.


Ducato 4x4 is an all-terrain, permanent four-wheel drive vehicle with two transfer cases and an automatically operated central viscous coupling. This device ensures the right drive torque split between the front and rear wheels, optimising traction on mud, snow and sand. Ducato 4x4 also offers all the features of solidity and performance needed to tackle off-road trails with particular outfits which exploit its entire payload.



Turin, 31 July 2018



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