18 April 2019

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wins another award for the Customer Experience developed by Mopar®


  • The prize-winners at the CMMC Club awards ceremony, held in Milan yesterday, included the FCA Group, for the Customer Experience model introduced by its aftersales brand Mopar®, featuring new CRM and marketing automation tools.
  • The Customer Experience programme developed and managed by Mopar - the FCA brand dedicated to aftermarket products and services for all Group vehicles - engages with FCA customers in 10 European countries right from their purchase of the vehicle and throughout their ownership, by means of systematic, customised communications.


The 18th edition of the CMMC Awards ceremony 2019, held by the CMMC - Customer Management Multimedia Competence - Club, was held in Milan on Tuesday 16 April 2019. The programme selects some of the best projects in the sector, choosing companies which have made a vital contribution to the achievement of excellent results.


FCA was the only automaker to receive an award, presented for the multi-channel European Customer Experience programme developed and run by the Mopar brand using innovative CRM and marketing automation tools.


Available in 10 European countries, the contents plan involves Fiat, Lancia, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat Professional and Fiat Ducato Camper customers, interacting with them right from their purchase of the vehicle - and throughout their ownership - by means of systematic, customised communications which remind them of the main servicing deadlines and targeted promotions.


The programme operates through a multi-channel Customer Journey, which identifies customers' main touchpoints during ownership of their vehicle, intercepts their needs and responds with dedicated communications. It also adopts a specific communication strategy in line with the values of each individual FCA brand, alongside a relationship management approach which stimulates a higher level of customer involvement using leading-edge engagement techniques, such as the development of dedicated contents with gamification and video interaction solutions to create a specific user experience.


Its success in the CMMC Club awards highlights the true mission of Mopar, which is to always offer the best aftersales service for car owners and enthusiasts at the global level. In fact, the Mopar brand boasts over 80 years of tradition, experience and in-depth knowledge of the needs of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles customers, accompanying them throughout their motoring experience, by providing technical services and support for all their performance, safety or customisation-related needs.


Turin, 18 April 2019



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